dihaber promised ‘ truths will not left in the darkness’, but closed in nightfall

dihaber had told ‘truths will not lef in the darkness’ when it started to broadcast on November 14 of 2016 against state of emergence and its decrees’ darkness. Today dihaber was closed by decree number 693 on August 25 of 2017. Power which tries to obtain its existence with state of emergence and decrees could endure only nine months. Dihaber’s website was blocked 15 times during nine months and many reporters of dihaber were taken into custody, jailed and exposed to torture during this period.
We as dihaber received a message 05.00 a.m. at this morning that agency was closed by decree. The message meant “ We are annoying that you are writing truths, following the truth and being voice of the society which we don’t want you to be…”

Of course power has many reason to close our news agency dihaber. We as dihaber had wrote news which no one has courage to write and announced the world.

dihaber announced the world that Kemal Kurkut was murdered despite he was innocent on claim of ‘suicide bomber’ in 21 March of 2017 in Diyarbakır where people had poured to streets for Newroz Celebration. Kurkut was killed in front of eyes of many media outlets’ workers and objectives but only dihaber released pictures of Kurkut while he was murdered nudely. Eight pictures of dihaber that proved Kemal Kurkut had no weapon nor bomb picked apart that he was killed because he had weapon in his bag and he didn’t listen police’s orders. Pictures showed to public opinion that Kurkut was killed half-naked. After a while our reporter’s houses was raided by police.

Also another reporter of dihaber Erdoğan Alayumat was targeted by power because he disclosed the prostitution in government’s camp where Syrian refugees are held. Reporter Alayumat also disclosed that Turkish government and armed groups of Syria are mobilizing together throughout border. Alayumat was jailed because of ‘he disclosed government’s secrets information’.

dihaber was the one that announced the tortures in Xerabe Bava village of Nusaybin to the world Many villagers were exposed to torture by Turkish soldiers during curfew.

Again dihaber was the one that announced pro-government media outlets news was fake which was claimed ‘terrorists who were preparing to attack police headquarter were captured’. Dihaber proved that over 100 villager of Şapatan Village in Gevaş-Van were exposed to torture in the square of village and a shepherd was deadly beaten. Despite dihaber proved villagers were not terrorists and exposed to torture, authorities claimed ‘there was no torture but they fought with each other’.

dihaber was the one which released two children were murdered when panzer crush the house while children were sleeping on May 4.

Because of all of these and more else news dihaber was closed. dihaber was closed because of its duty which is bringing to light the truths despite state of emergence’s rules. But journalists of dihaber who adhere to journalism’s principles will continue insist to bring to light the truths.