97 year-old Kevser Zengin in Sur : I can not live anywhere else

DİYARBAKIR – 97 year-old Kevser Zengin who has been living in Alipaşa Neighborhood of Sur District since 75 years of her life says she can’t leave anywhere else.

Residents of Sur District pf Diyarbakır continue to resist while some of buildings are demolished. People from seven to seventy react to demolition. A resident of Sur Kevser Zengin (97) is one of the residents who don’t want to leave the historic neighborhood of Alipaşa. Zengin says she can’t live anywhere else after 75 years she has been living in this neighborhood.

Kevser Zengin who was born in Siirt City and married with a man from Sur District has been living in Alipaşa Neighborhoord since she had married when she was 22 year-old. Kevser Zengin watches the demolition of neighborhood everyday by sitting in front of her house.

“ I will not leave my house whatever happens. They can’t demolish my home because I will not leave.I spend almost whole my life in here and I can’t leave anywhere else” says Zengin.