MHP's leader Bahçeli : Referendum decision should be a reason of War

ANKARA – MHP’s leader Devlet Bahçeli spoke to press after a long time. Bahçeli told “ Referendum should be a reason of war for Turkey” for Federal Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s referendum decision.

MHP’s (Nationalist Movement Party) Devlet Bahçeli spoke to the press after long time. MHP’s leader Bahçeli told in the press statement that gains of QSD ( Democratic Syrian Forces) in Northern Syria and referendum decision of Federal Kurdistan Region of Iraq should be a reason of war for Turkey.

“ A calculation is made about opening a corridor and establish a terrorist organization which threats unity of Turkey. United States gives weapon to YPG ( People’s Defense Units) as gifts” told Bahçeli.

“ We should stand against Barzani’s referendum which includes to being conducted in Turkmen cities. This should be a reason of war if its necessary. The ones’ head should be cut who tries to divide Turkey’s land. Barzani says he will not delay the referendum and claims that they will establish multi-cultural and religion country. We need to hang the ones who tries to destroy our contry” told Bahçeli.