HDP's spokesperson Baydemir : There is preparation for election inrush

ANKARA – HDP’s spokesperson Osman Baydemir told AKP is not preparing for early election but preparing for election inrush . Baydemir also spoke about possibility of CHP’s leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s arrest.” This threat is still continuing. This possibility can only disappear when Selahattin Demirtaş, Figen Yüksekdağ and other lawmakers to be free” told Baydemir.

HDP’s (Peoples’ Democratic Party) spokesperson Osman Baydemir responded to dihaber’s question.

* ‘Conscience and Justice Watch’ of your party had finished which took one month. What kind of result we can inference ?

Conscience is self-identity which makes us human. AKP (Justice and Development Party)- MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) coalition have not been targeting only democracy and Kurds since two years but also targeting self-identity of humanity. If people are burnt alive in somewhere and cities are destroyed , there is attack to humanity. If law and its superiority became a stick of power then justice is under the attack. HDP haven’t obey to fascism since Jun 7 Election’s result. HDP’s effort for conscience and justice had been continuing in somehow and we finished the first stage of this effort.

We knew the watch would be conducted under the heavy conditions but this resistance was elected people’s resistance. We revealed the power by the watches we conducted that country is ruled by fascism. Because people weren’t even allowed to enter the spaces where we conducted the watches. The place of watches were transformed to open prisons.

* Some names of CHP had visited your watches event they are not high profiles in the party. But your party had attended the Justice March with high profile names. How do you determine this point?

We should see good and clear that conscience and justice watch brought a reality to light : quietening policy to all democracy powers in western is carried out by government. But also it showed the policy in Kurdistan is not State of Emergency’s regime but martial law’s regime. The second reality is that second biggest party of the assembly had conducted a march from Ankara to Istanbul and law-enforcements made easier the march. But our watches which we named as ‘conscience and justice watch’ was tried to being criminalized both in Kurdistan and Turkey. Our meeting with public was blocked and they were monitoring our watches with drones. This showed us enemity of Kurds once more.

* There will be a congress of justice which will be conducted by CHP. Are you going to attend?

Of course HDP will discuss the decision in its party’s organs and share the decision with public. Also HDP is needed to be invited to attend the congress as a legal entity. It is very clear. We have a mission that being in common effort for building peace and democracy with democratic fronts. We will not stop and keep continue to struggle until fascism steps back in this country.

* You have told first stage of the watch has finished. What is the next?

We will certainly stop to fascism. Our co-chairs, over six thousand members, over 750 party’s executives are imprisoned now and we will not stop until they become free. Our struggle will continue until honorable peace is built. We will meet with public with over 200 districts and cities by conducting demonstrations, symposiums and public meetings.

* You had brought to agenda that Kılıçdaroğlu can be jailed during the watch in Van and this topic is argued on televisions since days. Is there such a possibility?

I have told that I will not surprise if he is to be jailed. Then AKP’s chair told ‘ This situation can reach to Kılıçdaroğlu’ which means it is a threat clearly. In my opinion it is not an easy threat and this threat is still continuing. It will be continuing until Selahattin Demirtaş, Figen Yüksekdağ and other lawmakers have their freedom. Because there are risks on appointing trustee to CHP’s municipalities such as İzmir, Çanakkale as long as trustee is appointed to Diyarbakır Municipality.

We are struggling for all democratic fronts’ rights as much as we support for our co-chairs. Because this is real democracy.

* There are early election argues in these days. Is there any possibility?

There are two reasons that our co-chairs are still in jail. First, referendum and second is not early election but election inrush. They are preparing to an election inrush.

* Then is HDP ready for election inrush?

HDP is ready for anytime because we never stopped. HDP is a party which didn’t stop since June 8 of 2015. I am saying it clearly we are not a party which is afraid of elections. But there is no a base for election. Democracy fronts should understand this.

Hayri Demir / Selman Güzelyüz - dihaber