Archeology Museum of Kyme to be transformed to a police station

İZMİR – Archeology Museum of Kyme in İzmir that there are almost 30.000 archeologic pieces is transformed to police station.

It was reported Kyme Archology Museum which found historic pieces in Kyme Antique City are examined is wanted to be transformed to police station. It was reported mayor of Aliğa District of İzmir decided police station to being removed to the museum.

Constructing of the museum had begun in 1990’s by former mayor of the city and Italian archeologist Professor Sebastian Lagona but it could never opened to public. There are over 30.000 archeologic pieces which are still waited to being examined in the museum.

Spokesperson of Natural and Cultural Life Initiative Tuncay Karaçorlu who has been working on museum and antique cities reacted to decision. “ The museum never had been open to public and the pieces were left to rot away. The place wasn’t taken under the protection despite warning for years and museum is transformed to a police station illogically” told Karaçorlu.

“ We call minister of Culture and Tourism on duty again. Three thousand year-old historic heritage of people can’t be just slaughtered. They must withdraw from the project immediately. They can find many field to build a new police station. This kind of decision is a crime for domestic and international laws” stated Karaçorlu.

Meanwhile two thousand 700 year-old antique city of Kyme has been targeted by corporations for years. Azerbaijani Company Socar Power had attempted to build two steam power plants, 17 wind turbines but after people’s reaction the projects were withdrawn.

Also the museum was wanted to demolish by municipality of Aliağa in 2015 because of non-durable. But after people environment organizations had reacted and convinced Culture Ministiry to task inspectors for examine. After the investigation it had been decided museum is durable enough.

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