Imprisoned co-chair of Diyarbakır sends a letter of condolence to Barcelona

İSTANBUL –Imprisoned co-chair of Diyarbakır Gültan Kışanak in Kocaeli Kandıra F Type Prison sent a letter of condolence to chairperson of Barcelona Municipality Ada Colau.

It was reported co-chair of Diyarbakır Municipality Gültan Kışanak sent a letter of condolence to chairperson of Barcelone Municipality after DAİŞ (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) attacked and killed 13 people in Barcelona-Catalonia.

“ Dear president,

I would like to express how I am feeling deeply sadness after inhuman terror attack to your city. I remember with respect to people who lost their life in the attack and send my condolence to their family and to all people. I share your pain and would like to mention my faith that we will overcome from terror which attacks to humanity’s values” wrote Kışanak.