Cancer patient prisoner loses his consciousness : Family launches a hunger and sit down strikes

DİYARBAKIR – Despite Forensic Medicine Institution report which says ‘ prisoner Ahmet Bayar can’t kept in the prison anymore because of cancer’, he is still kept in Diyarbakır D Type Closed Prison and his situation became critical. Family of Bayar launched a hunger and sit down strikes in front of the prison.

Cancer patient Ahmet Bayar had been jailed on February 15 of 2016 on charge of ‘commit crime on behalf of illegal organization”. It was reported situation of Bayar became critical. Family told their son Bayar was sent to visitation saloon by invalid chair because of his situation became serious. Family also told they began a hunger and sit down strike after his son situation became serious.

Sister Meliha Baykare “ My brother was sent to visitation saloon like he is dead. He told us he couldn’t eaten since five days because of his situation. We want him to being released. We want our brother to take our home. At least we want him to spend rest of his life at his home” told.

Daughter Selma Bayar “ My father has been jailing since March 31 and he has been receiving medical treatment of cancer. My father had lost his consciousness because of prison’s conditions. None of his needs are provided except his friends provide some needs as much as they can. He had just received medical treatment despite he should has received five months ago. I couldn’t even recognize him. He came to visitation room by invalid chair and he couldn’t even speak” told.

Daughter Bayar says he has report that he can’t kept in prison because of his health issues. “ We want my father to being released. He can’t stay in prison anymore in these conditions. I launch a hunger and sit down strikes in front of prison until my father being released” said daughter Bayar.