Villager speaks about period of detention while he exposed to torture

MARDİN – Abdi Aykut from Xerabe Bava Village of Nusaybin-Mardin spoke who he was exposed to torture during 14 days in custody. “ I was dragged behind the panzer by handcuffed at the cold weather. I can’t stay standing because of torture” told Aykut.

Abdi Aykut had been jailed on claim of ‘aiding to illegal organization in March Second after curfew was declared and military operation was launched towards Xerabe Bava Village on February 11. Aykut was released at his first trial on August 17. Aykut spoke to dihaber how he was exposed to torture during 14 days in detention. “Public opinion doesn’t know most thing I was exposed during detention” told Aykut.

“ I was at my uncle’s house during curfew and I didn’t have any news from other people in the village. Special police forces with masked raided my uncle’s house at the sixth days of curfew. I was asked whether I am Abdi Aykut or not. Right after I confirmed that I am Abdi Aykut, one police point a gun to my face and I fall after I was hit from my face. Then I was taken as blindfold to outside. They asked from me to walk but I couldn’t walk and fall because my eyes were closed by a material.Then they began to beat me on the ground and I was bleeding” told Aykut.

“ No one had new except a few detained villagers. The ground was iced and weather was cold because of winter. They tied my hands up and my clothes had flied to pieces. They dragged me behind the panzer as tied my hands up and kept continue to hit me. I was unconscious because of torture during first two days and cold weather. They were forcing me to speak which I don’t know what about” told Aykut.

“My organs were damaged and I couldn’t even walk because of torture. I was put into panze to police headquarter despite I should have been taken to hospital by ambulance. I was put in a cell without medical intervention. I was battered for some more days then I was taken to hospital in Mardin. I had operation because of bleeding in liver. Then I was taken to court right after I had operation under unhealthy conditions” stated Aykut.

“ I was tortured and jailed despite I was innocent. I can’t stay standing anymore and my family helps me to walk and to eat” said Aykut.

What Happened in Xerabe Bava?

Curfew had been declared in Xerabe Bava Village of Nusaybin-Mardin in 11 February of 2017. 39 villagers had been taken into custody and they were offered to being spy for state. One of the detained villagers named Abdi Aykut was exposed to torture during 14 days and the pictures of him during torture had been released to press.

After pictures were released the press, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had told “ Nothing is doing except lawful implementations. The one who you call old man is hosting terrorists.”

Many representatives of parties and NGOs had tried to enter the village during the curfew for examination but soldiers had blocked to enter. After a while Human Rights Association (IHD) had released a report about rights violation in Xerabe Bava which had mentioned there are many rights violation in the village during curfew.

Gökhan Altay - dihaber