HDP's co-chair Kemalbay : We will never leave the streets and we will keep continue to build a democracy front

İZMİR – HDP’s co-chair Serpil Kemalbay told they will never leave the streets and keep continue to build a strong democratic front’s struggle.

‘Conscience and Justice Watch’ of HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) which was launched in Diyarbakır and continued in Istanbul and Van had ended in İzmir. HDP’s co-chair Serpil Kemalbay spoke to dihaber about last agenda of Turkey.

* ‘Conscience and Justice Watch’ of HDP which had started in Diyarbakır on July 25 had ended in İzmir on August 20. What is the conclusion of the watch?

We have been facing with a Turkey which is run by decrees after state of emergency was declared right after failed July 15 coup attempt. There was already a ruling mindset which has violating constitution since June 7 election’s result. This process had reached to civil coup with July 15. Therefore we decided to conduct a watch which aimed to be answers of unlawful process of last two years, injustices and pains. We revealed which country we are living now by conducting the watches. We showed people third biggest party of the assembly can’t even use its democratic rights and we are living in a country which is run by dictatorship.

The most important thing in this process is all democratic dynamic of Turkey gave power by attending our watches. The ones who we couldn’t stand together before attended our watches. This is very valuable for us. Because this is exactly what we need in this days that AKP (Justice and Development Party) and Erdogan try to dominate the society step by step. Our watches showed us conscience and justice are the grounds for all people that everyone can stand together. These watches caused us to stay closer and showed us why we need each other.

* What kind of path will you follow after the watches?

We will never leave the streets. Because we have a hard test of democracy. We are facing with loosing everything we have gained. Besides we were struggling for more democratic rights and freedom. The most important question of Turkey is Kurdish Question. We are facing with policies of war and denying against Kurdish Question now. Therefore we have to display a strong democratic standing with everyone in this critical point.

We have some plans after watches. Our co-chairs, lawmakers, co-mayors and party’s members are hostage now. Over five thousand HDP’s members are in dungeon in heavy conditions. Torture is re-implemented in the dungeons. They say uniform will be forcibly dressed to prisoners. Therefore the most important agenda will be developments of prison and prison’s resistance.

We also want to improve and extend our struggles with public meetings. There will be regional and peace public meetings.

* You mentioned about alliance and common struggle? Do you have concrete notation? What kind of notation will you offer to Democracy Front of Turkey?

The ones who sees him or herself against fascism and Erdogan’s regime have to stand together. Of course with their principles. We can build a front and united struggle against fascism.

We have some calls for formulating an alliance.

* There are some claims that CHP’s (Republic People Party) leader may arrested. Is such a thing possible?

We had told removed immunity of lawmakers was discharging democratic policy when our co-chairs’ immunity were removed on May 20 of 2016. We knew it wasn’t only towards HDP. It was obvious AKP would discharge politic structures and opponents . But CHP didn’t see it. They told ‘ We will vote yes to remove immunity event it is against constitution. This was actually an important decision for its politic future. Result of this decision is influencing everything today. Of course politic discharge operations towards HDP couldn’t succeed. HDP kept continue hopefully its struggle.

Now it seems power goes towards CHP. They must perform its strongest resistance against this. They must stand together with all people. We are standing with Kılıçdaroğlu and of course we are against his detention and his party to be discharged unlawfully. We are saying that we will be solidarity with them.

Gökhan Öner / Ruken Demir – dihaber