Foza Yûsif: We don't establish a country but democratize the Syria

NEWS BUREAU – Democratic Federation of Northern Syria’s co-chair Foza Yûsif stated they determine a democratic federal Syria as unity which all peoples can be defined. “ We are not establishing a country. We are trying to democratize the nation-state which caused trouble to peoples of Syria” told Yûsif.

Democratic Federation of Northern Syria prepares its commune election on September 22 while Raqqa operation, negotiation between USA and Russia is continuing. Democratic Federation of Northern Syria’s Executive Committee’s co-chair Foza Yûsif spoke to dihaber about recent situations.

* When you say Rojava, first things come to mind which are cantons of Cizir, Kobane and Efrin. A statement was made a couple days ago that there will be two more cantons which will be belonging these three cantons. How are those cantons determined?

At first, organizing type was based on principles of cantons. Because some regions such as Gire Spi, Heseke, Şedade and some region of Şehba weren’t liberated. After those regions were liberated, peoples of Northern Syria needed to new type organization. The aim is find solution for peoples’ problem and stop central governing system.

* Why wasn’t it named as Rojava but Democratic Federation of Northern Syria?

The project is based on Democratic Nation Paradigm. Therefore it was named for all peoples of Northern Syria. If Northern Syria would belong to Kurds then Rojava would be named. Therefore the council of Democratic Federalism named as Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

* Are peoples of the region ready for this?

Our peoples revolted against nation-state construction. Peoples asked their will to being recognized. In this case our regions are the safest place in Syria. Because peoples don’t want to fight with each other. They want to live together equal, safe and free.

* How are international powers reacting?

Until now, none of them announced anything positive or negative about our project. All of them are watching us and trying to understand. We don’t expect a clear attitude in this period. We believe there need time for political sense to our project.

* Election decision was made in the regions and cantons. Why did you decide for election?

Executive of Democratic Autonomy is on duty since four years and people want be organized and institutionalized and the most democratic way of these is election. People will choose their candidates.

* What kind of ruling model you want to offer to people with the system you are conducted in where you liberated from DAİŞ (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)?

We want to construct a system for all people of Syria. The main problem of Syria is nation-state’s construction. We see the solution at a federal Syria which all colors of Syria can be protected.