Ekin Ceren Park : High Security Semi-Open Prison!

DİYARBAKIR – Ekin Ceren Park of Diyarbakır where HDP is carrying out ‘ Conscience and Justice Watching’ since three days has became the most spoken space. Thousands police with armored vehicles and barriers surrounded the park and people can reach to lawmakers after a number obstacles.

Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) protest named ‘ Conscience and Justice Watching’ which it was launched with slogan of ‘ Do not stop but stop to fascism’ is continuing since three days in Diyarbakır. Since the watching has begun thousand police surrounded the park with armored vehicles and barriers.

It was reported citizens who want to attend the protest are not taken inside of the park under color of state of emergenc’s decree and security reasons.

The park was established in 2007 but the park is the most spoken space since three days. It was reported only 10 HDP’s lawmakers and 40 citizens are in the park at the protest.

Aziz Oruç / Devran Toptaş - dihaber