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07:02 Actual dihaber promised ‘ truths will not left in the darkness’, but closed in nightfall
16:13 Actual Gülmen and Özakça's lawyers taken into custody
15:03 Actual 97 year-old Kevser Zengin in Sur : I can not live anywhere else
14:41 Actual Demirtaş' request to attend the HDP's weekly caucus rejected
14:12 Actual MHP's leader Bahçeli : Referendum decision should be a reason of War
13:55 Actual One of the founder of AKP Dengir Fırat : Corruption has begun and Erdoğan smells it
12:37 Actual Residents of Sur forced to leave their houses
14:22 Actual Educators Gülmen and Özakça's lawyer begins a hunger strike
14:20 Actual HDP's spokesperson Baydemir : There is preparation for election inrush
13:18 Actual Archeology Museum of Kyme to be transformed to a police station
12:56 Actual Turkish Foreign Minister : Our expectation from Erbil is canceling decision of the referendum
12:29 Actual Destruction of Sur continues
16:34 Actual Imprisoned co-chair of Diyarbakır sends a letter of condolence to Barcelona
16:27 Actual Bakırcıyan remembered in Raqqa
16:13 Actual ESP's chairperson Oltu jailed
16:06 Actual Cancer patient prisoner loses his consciousness : Family launches a hunger and sit down strikes
15:46 Actual Villager speaks about period of detention while he exposed to torture
14:00 Actual HDP's events for two months : Public meetings in 120 centers
13:48 Actual Cameras in Şapatan demanded for investigation on torture case
13:47 Actual HDP's co-chair Kemalbay : We will never leave the streets and we will keep continue to build a democracy front
10:47 Actual Foza Yûsif: We don't establish a country but democratize the Syria
13:53 Actual Headman of a village of Yüksekova found dead
13:37 Actual HDP's Yıldırım: There are still coup plotters in the cabinet
13:17 Actual A commander of QSD : 60 percent of Raqqa was liberated from DAİŞ
15:45 Actual Police harshly intervenes to HDP's 'Justice Watch' in İzmir
15:16 Actual Prisoners in Tarsus launch indefinite hunger strike without rotation
14:45 Actual HDP's 'Justice Watch' in İzmir starts by marching
14:02 Actual HDP committee visits Izmir mayor Kocaoğlu before the watch begins
14:01 Actual Sub-manager of the prison tours the prison by holding uniform : You all will wear this nearby
14:00 Actual Operation towards policitians continues : 12 more politicians taken into custody in Adana
13:59 Actual HDP's co-chair Kemalbay : The main task is stopping fascism
16:59 Actual Prisoner Deniz Özdemir's family : We don't have any news about my son since he was taken to Dicle
15:53 Actual HDP begins the watch in İzmir tomorrow on August 15
15:36 Actual Two citizen taken into custody because of social media shares in Urfa
15:34 Actual Youths from İzmir : We will be at Gündoğdu Square against fascism
15:33 Actual Slaved Yazidi child by DAİŞ : I was captured when I was 11, Islamized and forced to fight in DAİŞ' fronts
15:21 Actual A citizen taken into custody because he dresses local dress
15:14 Actual 24 people taken into custody in Van
15:11 Actual Armenians not allowed to celebrate the ceremony in their church due to curfew
14:30 Actual Lawmaker Öcalan : CPT has become a supporter of AKP
13:28 Actual Demirtaş sends letter to the Justice Watch in Van : We are kept because of preparation for early election
13:44 Actual Governorship of Dersim blocks intervention team of fire because of 'Special Security Zone'
12:39 Actual At least 22 people taken into custody by raids in Istanbul and Izmir
12:31 Actual 12 politicians jailed in Istanbul
12:30 Actual Villager of Şapata : I was tied up to panzer and dragged behind it
12:30 Actual 20 people taken into custody by raids in Adana
17:18 Actual İzmir prepares to 'Conscience and Justice Watch of HDP' on August 15
13:45 Actual Four police wounded during explosion in Cizre
13:38 Actual Witness of Şırnak, Cizre and Nusaybin Birlik : We shall not stay silence but struggle
16:05 Actual A mother 53 year-old jailed in Şırnak

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